Conversation Design,
Voice interface,
digital Product design
Wearable Product
from April 2019 - May 2019

"I am a newcomer, but I don't want to hire a guide."


There is an increasing number of tourists who want to explore new places on their own while the existing services are not engaging and friendly enough.


I design a VUI system - Travi to help my targeted users to provide instant help or suggestion based on whatever they need.

My role

Ideation, User case finder, project owner, Persona creator, Sample Dialogue creator, Prototyper, Wizard of Oz test

User Case

  • Asking a nearby place of interest
  • Asking a nearby facility
  • Introducing that place while walking / driving there
  • Navigation Assistant

Target Audience

Brand Value


Travi Persona

Spare Time

Discovering new cooking receipt, Skating,  Exploring new places,  Cool running

Pop culture picks

Love, Death and Robots, looking, Durante la tormenta, Primer League, Man vs Wild, Aaron Tveit, Paul Dano


Thomas (50) , who is a musician playing the lute, focusing on medieval music.  Maria (48), who is a novel writer and also a literature teacher in University of Chicago.

Relevant work history

Local museum docent

Travi Attribute

High Level Flow

Sample Dialoge

Wizard of Oz Test

In order to see how Travi works, I conducted a user test designed for Conversation Design called Wizard of Oz Test. I made a paper prototype for my product (I decided to make it as a smartwatch) and hide in someplace, using a computer with pre-record audio to do the test while using a camera to see user's reaction.


More scenes:what about begin from indoor places? What about if the users don’t know what to do?

More hints: This is the end of info; This is the end of the tour. This is just for you…

When just said “Hey Travi” what should the System say?


I did do some tuning work while I didn't take all the advice. I added some hints at the beginning when the user uses Travi for the first time. Plus, there is some principle called "just in time" in conversation design, which means don't give users too much information besides what they need. So, I added some hints once the user arrives at that place.

Happy Path Video/Audio

What Have I learned

There are different levels of VUI: some relay a lot on GUI; some relay less; some doesn't need any visual support at all. Finding a good user case is crucial in conversation design. Also, we have to be very careful about the amount of information in VUI. By launching this product, I want to empower every tourist to explore the place and enjoy the moment by themselves.

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