UX/ UI Social innovation Design,
Strategic Design,
Product Design,  Visual Design
from September 2018 - December 2018

Introducing my30 min

“I’m a family caregiver, and I don’t have time for myself.”


Family caregivers spend so much time on taking care of their loved one that they forget their own health.Besides, they are overwhelmed by a lot of information about caregiving.


I designed a daily routine app “my 30min” to encourage family caregivers to do one thing for themselves for 30 min every day.

My role

Desk Research, Project ideation, Ideation, Interview Dictation, Video editing assistance, User test, UI Design, Prototype

My Teammates

Hayoung Shin, Minjung Kim

I want to see the process first.

Final Product - What did I figured out



First, we start with the introduction of our app so that the user can see what the benefit of this app is.


Sign Up

And then during the sign-up process, our app will ask users to fill the statement form, which will introduce them to other family caregivers. If they don’t want to, they can simply change to private mode.


Users Select

After that, users can select their emotional states, so that we may find suitable activity and another family caregiver for the user.


Choose Activity

They can set up time for their activity or just talk to each other.



And then, this app will connect the user to other family caregivers who choose the same activity and date. After that, they can start chatting.


& Meet

After that, they can set up the time to meet each other or just talk to each other to share their experiences and feeling.



On your time page, the user can see their chat history and also check how many times they have done their 30min activity. This dashboard aims to encourage caregivers to keep going without triggering a feeling of guilt.

Process 1. - Desk Research

Do you know...

Family caregivers play an important role in a family. However, there are few supports helping them mentally or physically. Further, if family caregivers’ health is not good, they cannot take care of your loved ones.

How a Family Caregiver Feel?

What a Family Caregiver Need?

Current systems are not working

Government’s system such as CDPAP only supports thef inancial problem and even that is not solving the main financial problem.

Insurance really depends on receiver’s plan so peoplewithout the insurance cannot have any benefit from them.

Hospital can guide them for caregiving but it is focused onthe receiver, not the family caregiver.

Process 2. - First Research

Brenda - Female, Family caregiver for 5years, New York

Jane - Female, Family caregiver for 6months, New York

Jimmy - Male, Family caregiver for 6years, New York

Brenda was glad to take care of her mother, but she needed her own time for her health. Brenda  had a stroke while taking care of her mother. She said that she used to walk a lot but after taking care of her mother, she stopped walking.

Jane supported her father since he was also a family caregiver for his wife who has an Alzheimer’s. She was a his mental supporter and felt that it helps his father to live his life again.

Jimmy supported his father who had a dementia. He was a mental and physical supporter. He used to visit a senior center or an assosiation to gain a bunch of helpful information for caregiving from other family caregivers.

"I don't have enough sleep. Now that I'm so busy but... I can find a million things to do when I'm ready to go to bed. i have all day to do it and I didn't..."

"He wasn't that somebody who wants to stop living so he recognize that he need a mental support and a physical help both."

"I didn't understand how I deal with the dementia at the first time. Other family caregivers gave me lots of useful information as a caregiver. I feel comfortable being there."

Empathy Map

Brain Storm - 10 types of innovation

In order to develop our idea, we use 10 types of innovation strategy to think outside the box so that we can know what we need to focus on and what we might not be involved in.

Key Insights & Opportunities

Motivation to take care of themselves

It is difficult to manage family caregiver's life and health, and they also need a strong motivation to take care of themselves.

Opportunities: Finding family caregivers' common hobbies, uncover family caregivers' emotion, Collect family caregivers' status.

Experience Sharing

Besides, most family caregivers used to share their own experiences with other family caregivers to gain information and release their stress from daily routines and also improve their caregiving skills.

Opportunities: Matching feature, Article and stories regarding family caregiving.

Some Ideas and Transition

Process 3. - Building

Information Architecture

Based on our research, we figured out that family caregivers often forget to take of themselves while they enjoy talking and staying with other family caregivers (especially with someone who share the similar situations) as they can share information and emotion. Therefore ,we chose "my 30min" as the name of our product to remind family caregiver to spend some time for themselves.


Initial High Fidelity Design / Look and Feel

Teach user what this app is about.

Caregiving tips sharing and time record

Find someone who share the similar situation with you

User Test

At the late stage, I conducted a user test with my team mates and discussed how to improve it, considering their age, gender, health condition, or their attitudes.

We conducted this product in Senior Planet, which is a senior center that teaches senior people how to use digital devices.

They shared their experience that seniors are much better with digital devices than many people assume.

Three participants loved our solution which is connecting to other caregivers in a similar situation through my 30min.

Some participants were concerned with the length of each activity, so we changed them later. Users were also a bit worried about the safety problem. Hence, we would only suggest them safe places.

Paper Wireframe helped us to explain our idea physically to certain people who have bad eye as some users said "It's blinking". Therefore, we reinforced the color contract afterward.

Some participants wished to have more options to meet their talking partners instead of just "today" and "tomorrow," while overall, seniors found my 30min prototypes engaging, useful and valuable.



My answer is "Invention is the Mother of Necessity" . When family caregivers see those campaign, they will reflect on their own lives and thereby download the app.

Users can find out and download our app at hospitals, pharmacies, insurance companies and streets in New York city.

Client’s Feedback

I'm interested in Your project. Yes family caregivers want to connect with others just like themselves. That gives important values. We know that family caregivers don't spend enough time for themselves. I think to keep their time is a nice job of not being bushy, but making it more worth from the things caregivers want to do.

Bob S., AARP

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What I have learned

Even though I am new to the American medic and insurance system, by doing this project, I got the skills of quick learning and quick researching to understand the environment you need to work as soon as possible. And also, we cannot take anything for granted. For example, before this project, I assumed that hospitals would provide medication as well as help to family caregivers. However, all they got was just some information and instruction about how to be a better family caregiver, which is definitely not enough.  And the user test in different age groups in this project is also a challenge for our team, but we overcame it.

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