IoT, IFTTT, Smart Object,
Digital Product Design, Physical Product Design
from Jan 2019 - Feb 2019

"I think wasting food is a crime, and I don't want to be a criminal!"


It is difficult to remember food expiration time after putting them in the fridge. The food will end up at being spoiled and wasted.


An IOT system to keep track of your food and help people cultivate a healthy lifestyle

My role
Ideation, Project Manager, Coder, Arduino builder, UI/UX Sketch Prototyping, Video creator
My Teammate
Gianmarco Ramos

Problem Statememt

Our Solution

Video & Storyboard Scenario

High Level Diagram

    •Two Adafruit Feather WIFI Boards
    •Arduino Mega
    •CCS811 Gas Sensors
    •LCD Display
    •Ultrasonic Sensor

   •Adafruit IO
   •Arduino Coding

I made a prototype to realize our idea. We used a 16X2 LCD Display to represents the display on the fridge. You can put VOC sensors in the container or drawer of the food you want to track.

Hardware Part - Key Codes

Hardware Part - Assembling and Prototype Woking Video

Digital Experience Part - Wireframe

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