Work at

UI/UX Sketch, Prototyping, user Experience
User Journey Creating, After Sale, Conversation design,
A.I. Prediction, I.o.T
from May 2019 - august 2019

Internship Goal

Providing feasible and valid suggestion to BMW Connected App; Participating in After Sale Department to help it manage the research data; Walking through the entire BMW Design procedure to understand how a giant company works

My role
Data Organization, Ideation, Managing Workshop UI/UX Sketch Prototyping, User Flow, User Journey Creating, Own a bar feature.

Please note: due to NDA, I cannot share particular details in the public space, if you are interested in this working experience , please contact me.

My Achievement

Data Management

I did an in-depth research about the First- Class-Experience and manage them into detailed handbook for both current usage and future reference.

Workshop and Ideation

I help organize workshops at BMW. I used my expertise to organize their ideas and created more insights and suggestion design to push the project.

Entire User Flow Suggestion

My teammates and I drew the entire user flow and I merged it into my suggestion and I designed the wireframe and made a proposal to our team leader.

And More…

I learned how design exists in a real world; I designed a feature with a developer and now it's on live; I also designed a board game for internal team creativity discussion and for newcomers onboarding.

Retrospect - Brief Takeaways

This opportunity let me walk through the whole process of UX design in a real giant company (while we understand different companies are struggling with different things). And, People in different departments think about the same things very differently. Therefore, using your expertise to explain and communicate is the key to push the project.

I learned more hands-on techniques and how to manage design and collaborate with different people. Design is evolving every year, every month, or even every day. Granted, we may have to catch up with the trend, but always to remember to put on the content first, and then the form is the permanent doctrine, and there are some principles that can hardly be shaken.

Supervisor Internship Review

Mr. Xian, always worked reliably, autonomously and conscientiously. He identified his tasks and his work was characterized by a very high level of motivation and self-initiative. The work results were, even in the event of changing requirements and in difficult cases, always of good quality. His work speed when processing the tasks was always above our expectations. He always completed the work given to him to our full satisfaction.

Due to solid expert knowledge, he was able to complete the tasks given to him. His behavior vis-a-vis superiors, colleagues and business partners was polite and appropriate.

Pawel Bak - Senior Product Designer at BMW

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